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Biddle Megger Electical Insulation Testers Electrical

Hand-held and
bench models with
test voltages from
500 to 15,000
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Biddle Megger
Biddle Megger Ground Testers Ground and
Earth Testers

Portable insturments
for testing electrical
ground systems
and soil resistivity
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Biddle Megger
Biddle Megger DLRO DLRO
Digital Low Resistance

For contact and
bonding resistance
measurements down
to 0.1 Micro Ohms
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Biddle Megger

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Biddle MeggerBiddle MeggerBiddle Megger

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Biddle Megger
Biddle Megger
Biddle Megger

MeterCenter is a National Distributor for Megger®, formally James G. Biddle Co. and AVO International
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    About Megger
    For over 100 years, Megger has been the premier provider of electric test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. The company was founded in 1889 in England as Evershed & Vignoles and over the years has been known by several names, most recently, AVO International. In 2002, the company decided to change its name to Megger, which is what many people have called it all along. Today, Megger enjoys an outstanding reputation in the areas of insulation testing, low resistance and ground resistance testing, and a wide variety of electrical contractor maintenance tools such as multimeters, portable appliance testers and clamp-on meters.

    For many years, the James G. Biddle Company in Pennsylvania, was the U.S. importer of Megger products and they also manufactured equipment under their own name. A number of years ago, Megger became the sole owner of James G. Biddle, and has retained the use of the Biddle trademark for many of the Biddle products still available today.   Manufacturing insulation testers is where Megger started, and the Megger brand name is so well known today that maintenance professionals often incorrectly use it as a verb when they refer to doing an insulation test on wiring.  The Megger trademark was first registered in May 1903 by Evershed and Vignoles and it, along with "Biddle" are jealously guarded by the company today.

    Although best known for the world famous range of insulation testers, Megger provides a full service solution to meet your electrical test and measurement needs. Megger products provide testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas including cable fault locating, earth/ground testing, low resistance measuring apparatus, and power quality testing. With such a diverse product offering, Megger and MeterCenter can be a single source for electrical test and measuring instruments for our customers.

    Setting the Standard for Quality
    All Megger products meet the highest standards for quality, reliability and safety. The Megger facilities are certified to full operational requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard, with the Dover, England site also certified to ISO14001, the international environmental standard. Megger constantly strives to improve its quality assurance position with input from periodic audits by independent experts required for continued ISO 9001 certification. The company then makes adjustments and refinements in responsibilities and procedures to make sure your experience with Megger is always world class.