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Application Guides / Downloads

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Insulation Testing

A Stitch In Time
  "The Complete Guide to Electrical Insulation Testing"
A complete general purpose tutorial on Insulation Testing.

5 kV & 10 kV Insulation Tester Lead Sets

A guide to Diagnostic Insulation Testing Above 1 kV

5kV Testing.  How Much is Enough?

The Lowdown on High Voltage DC Testing

To Pot or Not
When to use a "Hi-Pot" insulation tester

Information on Guard Terminals
What is the purpose of the Guard Terminal on an insulation tester?

Salvaging Flood Damaged Electrical equipment
Complete review of drying out and testing electrical equipment that has been submerged in water.

Advanced Insulation Analysis Using Biddle Megger© Insulation Testers

Choosing an Insulation Tester

Insulation Testing of Large Rotating Machines

Insulation Test Record Card No. 210949 (6172-111)

Insulation Test Record Card No. 210954

HiPot Test Record Card No. 220000

Ground - Earth Testing

Getting Down To Earth

Stake-less Earth / Ground Testing

A Guide to Clamp-on Ground Testing

Testing Large Ground Systems

Measuring Ground Resistance - Fall of Potential Method

Measuring Ground Resistance - Slope Method

3-Terminal or 4-Terminal Ground Testing

Ground Test Record Card

Low Resistance Testing

A Guide to Low Resistance Testing
Using the Megger© DLRO© insturments

Grounding and bonding in telecommunications systems.

Cable Fault Finding Solutions

Fault Finding Solutions in Cables and Wiring Installations

TELCOM Applications

TDR Applications. Theory and Use.

T1 Line Theory and Testing.

Multimode Fiber LAN Testing with OTDRs.

Grounding and bonding in telecommunications systems.

Battery Testing

Battery Quality and Impedance Testing

Software Downloads  (PC Only)

This latest issue of the software is easily identifiable as the name of the program is “Megger Download Manager” – all previous issues were called “AVO Download Manager”. Previous AVO version instrument drivers are not compatible with the new program – however all previous data files (stored as .CSV files) are fully compatible so there will be no problems in reviewing previously stored data gathered using older versions of software. In addition, all Megger instruments supported by the AVO Download Manager have new drivers written for Megger Download Manager, making upgrading simple.

NOTE: Save your driver to a seperate directory on your hard drive and when downloading, rename the driver with a .drv extension, not .ZIP as your browser may try to name the file. When you connect your instrument to the PC, Windows will say "New HArdward found" and ask if you have a driver. Point the browser to the directory where you donwloaded the file. The instrument and Windows will perform the unzipping and loading of the files.

Download Manager Software:
Megger Download Manager 9.89 Mb 6-Mar-08
Megger Download Manager Users Guide 163k 6-Oct-04
ProActive Battery Management System 57.5 mb 17-Oct-05
Instrument Drivers:
Megger BM25 Driver 40k 4-Mar-05
Megger BMM + LCB Driver 97k 4-Mar-05
Megger CFL535F Driver 111k 4-Mar-05
Megger CM300 MkII Driver 96k 4-Mar-05
Megger CM400 MkII Driver 96k 4-Mar-05
Megger CM500 Driver 97k 9-May-06
Megger CSV Viewer Users Guide 135k 6-Oct-04
Megger DET20C Driver 40k 26-Aug-05
Megger DET20C USB Driver 241k 26-Aug-05
Megger DLRO 10X Driver 43k 9-May-06
Megger DLRO 200 Driver 41k 9-May-06
Megger DLRO 600 Driver 42k 9-May-06
Megger MEG 10-01 Driver 40k 4-Mar-05
Megger MIT330 + LT330 + RCDT330 Driver 65k 4-Mar-05
Megger MIT330 + LT330 + RCDT330 USB Driver 244k 23-Aug-05
Megger MIT520 + MIT1020 Series Driver 46k 7-Feb-06
Megger PAT4 Driver 141k 4-Mar-05
Megger PAT4E Driver 138k 4-Mar-05
Megger S1 Series 552 + 554 + 1052 + 1054 Driver 46k 8-Feb-06
Megger S1-5000 Driver 42k 4-Mar-05
Megger S1-5005 Driver 40k 4-Mar-05
Megger S1-5010 Driver 48k 4-Mar-05
Megger TDR2000 2 Driver 111k 4-Mar-05
Megger TDR2000 Driver 96k 4-Mar-05

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