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The brand-new BITE 3 is one of the easiest BITE instruments to use. Its measurements, along with temperature, specific gravity and other battery data, can provide the best basis for evaluating the overall health of batteries from terminal plate to terminal plate and to a lesser extent, the charger (from ripple current and its harmonic content.)

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BITE - Battery Impedance Test Equipment

NEW... Megger® BITE 3

BITE 2P (with printer) shown.

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    Research indicates that internal battery cell impedance increases with the age and discharge history of a cell. Since interruption in electrical service can spell disaster, a reliable backup power system is critical so that when conventional power fails, costly service outages can be avoided. 

    The BITE™ family of products provides meaningful data on battery health without significant expense or reduction in remaining battery capacity. The BITE products are designed for on-line ac impedance and dc terminal voltage measurement of secondary batteries.

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