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Product Information

Megger® Hipot Insulation Testers
Models 230315 - 230415 - 230425

Megger AC DC Hipots

    • Zero start/reset in event of failure
    • Ground continuity check of three-wire devices with high-voltage interlock (AC models only)
    • Front-panel adjustable leakage current trip .3 to 12 mA
    • One second or continuous testing
    • Recessed high-voltage connections
    • 0-3 kV AC (230315)
    • 0-4 kV AC (230415)
    • 0-4 kV AC and 0-5 kV DC (230425)

Biddle Megger AC and AC/DC High-Pot Testers are designed for safety and ease of operation, and readily adapt to development, maintenance or production testing. Three models are available: two AC and one AC/DC. The AC High-Pot Testers feature a front-panel, NEMA 5-15R three-prong output receptacle. Booted, alligator-clip output and return probes are also supplied with all models.

These portable instruments are used to test the dielectric strength of electrical insulation and the ground circuit continuity of three-wire appliances and other devices. The Biddle Megger High-Pot Testers comply with most existing UL requirements for dielectric withstand testing, including:
    • UL544 — Electric Medical and Dental Equipment
    • UL982 — Motor-Operated Household Food Preparing Machines
    • UL1026 — Electric Household Cooking and Serving Appliances
    • UL1270 — Radio Receivers, Audio Systems, and Accessories

  NOTE: Megger also offers a Tool and Appliance Tester, model 235303 which offers the functions of a HiPot tester plus other useful functions as well.   Check it out!   Click here for details.


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  Megger® Model 230315   Portable 0-3K AC HiPot Tester
Including Test Leads and User Guide
Price: $
  Megger® Model 230415   Portable 0-4K AC HiPot Tester
Including Test Leads and User Guide
Price: $
  Megger® Model 230425   Portable 0-4K AC and 0-5K DC HiPot Tester
Including Test Leads and User Guide
Price: $
Certificate of Calibration - For all model, traceable to N.I.S.T.
Price: $


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