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   MPQ1000 - Handheld Power Quality Analyzer

Quickly and easily record and identify power quality problems, perform PF studies, load studies, harmonic studies, troubleshoot and analyze solar power issues, wind power issues, lighting issues, equipment failures, perform transient studies, analyze mains signaling communications and more!


Automatic CT recognition

Automatic connection verification

On-board data analysis

SD card and USB stick support

Free software included

Free easy setup Megger software included

Windows compliant, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10

1000 VAC and 1000 VDC range

Scope and DMM modes

CATIV @ 600 V

IEC61000-4-30 Class A compliant

Made in USA


Both natural and manmade drivers are spurring not only technological growth, but are changing the nature of the electric grid. Concerns over global warming are only being compounded by the continuing billion dollar weather events. This is acting as a catalyst for the green reform and being realized in the growth of distributed generation (DG).

Globally, the growth of renewable energy sources is rising. We see more photovoltaic (PV) generation as well as more wind power generation. As these changes are implemented to improve reliability, they create new power quality issues.

As the grid modernizes, we see the emergence of new power quality problems. We see renewable sources as well as high efficiency electronics and new lighting technologies creating power quality phenomena such as rapid voltage change (RVC), unbalance, high frequency harmonics, frequency shifting between phases, and source reversals. These issues can lead to transformers and motors heating up, equipment tripping out, lights of all types flickering, high neutral current and much more.

As the smart grid grows, we see more communications over power lines (mains signaling) to help maintain reliability during peak times. This requires high-end, smart and simple-to-use power quality analyzers such as the MPQ1000 Analyzer.

The Megger MPQ1000 has the power to measure power quality problems from high-speed transients to RVC, high frequency harmonics as well as mains signaling and more.

The Megger power quality analyzer is smart enough to recognize the CTs connected as well as the CT ranges and lets you know when they're connected properly.   The on-board data analysis on the large color display makes analysis simple and easy to use.

Let the MPQ1000 Analyzer be your expert.
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